Babies as young as 4 months to 3 years old are learning to read!!!

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No experience necessary
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What is this site about?

For over 50 years a tiny minority of parents have been teaching their babies - YES! BABIES! - to read.
And they have been doing it very successfully, using a very simple system.
These children can read books fluently by the age of three.
And yet, the vast majority of parents have never even considered such a thing could be possible!!
The purpose of our site is to help as many babies and toddlers learn to read as possible.
We do this by training parents to use a simple system that works, and by mentoring them all the way through.
This is done by an e-mail course that teaches the technique in detail, gives many extra tips and supplies the basic materials needed to get started; as well as constant access to help, advice, support and encouragement.

Please watch the videos and read the course summary and testimonials to learn more.

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